måndag 21 januari 2013

Nordic design on Formex

 Odd  birds stand behind the restaurant - a very innovative and beautiful "room" at Formex . "Lite gammalt, lite nytt och lite återanvänt".

 Tulips up-side-down decorative..
Guzzini, plastic which makes you happy. The strong colors make wakes up!!
 Linum, quality textiles, sometimes using aquarelle to paint on the fabric.
 Mateus, franskt glatt och snyggt.
 Mateus close-up
 Malinbjorklund, beautiful!! No words.
 close - up

 Lindform, fina saker, beautful things in-between Nordic and Japanese design.

 African image, Denmark. Handcraft from Africa, the Philippines & Vietnam

 Ernst Kirschsteiger, our tv-interior-designer. His own creations on Formex 2013 in Stockholm.

 Ernst and friends.
 IB Laursen Denmark. 
 IB Laursen, Denmark. 
 Affari AB, lots of beautiful interior design items.
 ..also Affari, a bird cage.

 Wow, that really beautiful interior - Lene Bjerre  in Denmark. 

Sew Heart felt, small socks for children. Wonderful in felt.
 Lene Bjerre  in Denmark. 

Mjuka bakelser som leksaker. Prinsesstårtor, kanelbullar, muffins och glass-strutar. Bombadill design AB. Cookies and cakes, soft toys.
 Bombadill also.
 Walter & Co. 

 Like, but what company?

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